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We've tried to write informational articles about how to achieve a brighter smile. Many people say that once they've got a whiter shade of teeth, they feel more confident and as a result happier!

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Laser Tooth Whitening

How Effective Is Laser Tooth Whitening?

By now you probably have heard of various methods  that claim to brighten your smile  effectively.  From at-home whitening kits to cutting edge technologies such as Zoom whitening processes.There are an amazing array of innovative options that have  been developed to cater to the increasing demands of making teeth look whiter than ever.  The good news is these relatively newer procedures cost much less than the traditional laser treatments at the dentist.  However, the fastest and most brilliant results still remain with  laser tooth whitening treatment.

How is Laser Whitening Different from Procedures such as Zoom Whitening?

Many people are under the mistaken notion that that all in-office whitening procedures are laser treatments.  However, the Zoom or Britesmile whitening devices use “light” activated technology which does not really utilise laser technology.  These newer equipments use specially formulated gels that work with the light activators to get rid of the built up stain on the teeth and have proven to be very effective in removing external stain on the enamel.  Normally, whitening kits are also provided after the procedure to maximize the effectiveness.

The older ultraviolet devices for making teeth whiter used ultraviolet radiation to remove the external stains on teeth.  This procedure took much longer, and had a higher probability of side-effects, such as sensitive teeth and irritation to the gums.  Frequently, customers had to make multiple visits to the dental clinic to effectively whiten their teeth.

On the other hand, laser whitening treatments get teeth whitened comparatively quickly and one visit will render teeth white for a prolonged period of time.  Laser tooth whitening treatment is more than simply removing stains from the teeth.  This is a bleaching system that will keep teeth brilliantly white, which will be immediately noticed after the procedure.

The specially formulated gel is applied to the teeth prior to the laser treatment.  The laser lights activate the crystal substance in the gel, which then penetrates the enamel . This makes the teeth white from the inside and out, increasing the effectiveness of whitening.  How long your teeth will stay white after this procedure depends on the degree of your teeth’s discolouration.

What are Laser Teeth Whitening Costs?

As with any other dental procedure, laser teeth whitening costs depend on the location you receive the treatment.  In the UK, the typical cost for laser whitening will be around 300 pounds, but will vary according to promotions, discounts, and the level of service provided by the dental clinic.  Also, you may need to pay for an initial consultation to see if you are eligible for a teeth whitening treatment. Dental insurance typically does not cover cosmetic treatments, and will not pay for the procedure.

Compared to other treatments such as Zoom whitening or at-home whitening kits, the laser treatment does cost more.  However, laser whitening technology usually gives the best results.  Recently, the costs for whitening have continuously decreased due to heightened competition and industry growth.

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